circuit training in milford pa

In Circuit Training, timing is everything–literally. Each of 10 different easy, yet effective, cardiovascular moves and resistance moves are executed for 45 seconds in each of 3 rounds. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own fitness level, completing as many repetitions as they can in the 45 seconds allotted. It’s the combination of cardiovascular and weigh bearing movements that drives up your endurance and works every muscle group head to toe.

Focus is placed on each individual completing the exercises at their own pace. Therefore, this is a great starting class, or an advanced class, all in one session.

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Circuit is timed excercises in, on and around your board

Cardio gets your heart pumping

Circuit is both cardio and resistance training

After your heart rate is up, bands and weights are used

Each individual chooses their weight and intensity

It’s Monday morning. I have not been to the gym over the weekend. It’s time to pull on my gym clothes and head to Circuit class at Jen Murphy Fitness.

Circuit class consists of 5 exercises for 45-second intervals, repeated 3 times. Then we take a 3 minute break and repeat the cycle with 5 different exercises. The exercises are designed to increase your cardio rate and work different muscles of the body. When Jen tells you to grab a mat, you breath a sigh of relief, only to find that there is one more circuit to be done before you stretch your fatigued muscles.

Sounds like work doesn’t it? Well it is, but the beauty of it is that you can work to your abilities, at your speed, and it’s only 45 seconds. Also since each of us has different strengths (literally and figuratively) we get breaks. And the best part is the feeling of being energized and ready to take on the rest of my week.

I have worked by legs, arms, back, core and heart, all in less than one hour. How great is that? Did I mention that I’m in my 60’s? The hardest part was deciding to pull on my gym clothes and come. I’m always glad I did.

At the Studio, there’s music, positive energy, support and new acquaintances. It’s positive for your body and your mind.

Jill Wojtaszek
Port Jervis, New York