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Do you want to get fit?
Lose weight?
Look and feel better?

Are you FINALLY ready to do something about it?

Jen Murphy Fitness offers Personal Training in Milford, Pennsylvania.

Personal training is the fastest most effective way to jump-start your metamorphosis. And when used in concert with the classes at Jen Murphy Fitness, you will get in shape faster than you ever thought possible, do things you never thought possible and change your life.

How Does Personal Training Work?

Together we will design a program that will enable you to reach your specific goals, withing your time frame. We will utilize a combination of unique resistance training and stabilization techniques, along with cardio and flexibility that will optimize your investment in yourself.

In no time, you will realize a whole new you!

Are you ready?

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Personal Training Rates
(Sessions do not expire)

$40 for 30 Minute Sessions
$70 for 60 Minute Sessions
$650 for 10 60 Minute Sessions
$1,200 for 20 60 Minute Sessions

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